West Baltimore real estate home values

Baltimore is one of the major weavers in American history. First settled in the 1600s, it is one of America’s largest cities in the colonial era. It is often thought of as a remote suburb of Washington DC, an industrial city on the decline. Yet the city is touring which presents a unique opportunity for real estate investors. The Baltimore real estate market offers a variety of properties for buyers who are looking for a place to call home.

There are about 600,000 people in Baltimore. Ballysim’s housing market would seem like a bad investment at first blush as the city reduced its population by about 5% between 20 and 20. This is the continuation of decades-long aircraft from the city; Between 1970 and 2000, the total population decreased by about a third. However, the Baltimore real estate market has significant opportunities for investors and the metropolitan area is not due to the population of about three million people. Let’s take a look at the Baltimore Real Estate market trends and investment prospects in Baltimore in 2019.

Baltimore Real Estate Market Trends

Market trends in Baltimore Real Estate indicate a $ 2,900 (-1%) decrease in median home sales over the past year and a 7% decrease in median rentals per month. The average price per square foot has risen from $ 156 to $ 156 for the same period. New homes for sale in Baltimore, MD, including open houses in Trulia, MD and bank-owned stages of the pre-redemption, auction or foreclosure process

Baltimore’s sale of homes from March 2 to May 25 was $ 210,000 based on the sale of 2,060 homes. The average price per square foot for Baltimore was $ 156, an increase of 0% over the same period last year. The average rent per month for apartments in Baltimore from May 4 to June 4 was 1,499.