Traits Of A Good Candidate Applying For Sales Profile

While they all claim to be a good salesman, but when put to test, less than 5% are able to give you the desired results. Sales are not everybody’s cup of tea, and things become a lot more difficult when it comes to selling properties. First of all, properties are not sold easily as people pay attention to every single detail before finalizing things, and if they find one contradictory or misleading thing from the salesman, then that’s the end of the deal right there. To avoid this, real estate brokers should follow below-mentioned tips to identify the most suitable candidate for sales profile.

1. A good candidate is ALWAYS prepared

A good candidate, especially for sale, will have done his research before the interview. This is the most reasonable expectation.

Finding a new job is akin to prospecting. The person engages in a job search process in the following ways:

  • Visit job boards
  • Select offers according to their qualification criteria
  • Evaluate business profiles
  • Sometimes make a direct approach with the company and/or the firm that supports the recruitment.

2. A good candidate is selective

A smart candidate will always have a few companies in his/her mind that he/she would like to be a part of, simply because he/she knows that there is a huge chance to grow as a professional in those companies. The candidate will always have the idea as to what he/she wants in the next employer and what type of products or service will he/she be asked to sell.

3. A good candidate knows how to sell

It all has to boil down to whether the candidate can sell or not eventually. In order to convince the interviewers, the candidates will probably provide some concrete examples as to what products they have sold in the past and to whom. They will explain those incidents as well where they thought the customer has slipped out of their hands, but then, they were able to make the sale due to their smart and effective approach.

4. A good candidate does not speak too much

The myth of an extroverted salesman who speaks more than he listens is far from the reality of what a good salesman is.

Let’s face it, it’s reasonable for a person to be a little more talkative in an interview than in a sales situation with a potential client, however, some candidates have the ability to strike the right balance. They do just enough to stand out and not too much to put us to sleep.

These good candidates are very articulate; they express their ideas precisely without artifice.

5. A good candidate asks relevant questions

Let’s keep this point very simple. Questions about wages and benefits come prematurely into the trade. Especially questions about 100% commission real estate.

On the other hand, candidates who are interested in the challenges of the position, the team in place, the management, the sales objectives, the positioning of the company and other aspects certainly catch the attention of interviewers and earn a lot of points.

Point to remember

The golden rule is to keep in mind that the candidate’s performance, preparation, questions and attitude during the recruitment process are a taste of what the candidate will be able to do with your clients and within your company.