Buying A Historic Home: Is It Even Worth It?

Dream homes

An old-Victorian house with a picturesque view… Beautiful walls and wooden floors, and the most beautiful windows overlooking the lush green lawn with white and yellow roses – it all looks straight out of a dream! However, here are a few real-time factors that you might want to consider before you buy that dreamy picture-perfect house you’ve had in your mind for a while now:

Restrictions for protection

Throughout the country, there are a lot of areas that have been under protection for preserving historic homes and neighborhoods which may result in a lot of paperwork, layers of approvals just to renovate your dream home – particularly the facade or a historic representation on the exterior. You may not be able to alter the look as per your taste and that’s a huge commitment to make. Not just this, it may also result in the increase of cost and time required. You must consult both an architect and town officials in advance before taking this leap.

Recreating the architecture, expensive and time-consuming

Victorian-era homes are known for their timeless beauty and are a work of art. A lot of skilled- workers were involved in turning these dreams into reality back then. To be very practical, it’s quite difficult to find someone with similar design sensibilities. And if you do, they would cost you a fortune. If you go down the road and try to take this challenge yourself, it would most likely change the look of your entire house and will miss the actual essence that drew you towards it. 

Another obstacle that would give you a nerve wreck is that the home builders who constructed the Victorian homes in mid to late 19th century, worked with the materials that are no longer in use today. And if you gravitate towards home and buy it in less-than-perfect condition, planning to give it a face-lift with time, you’d be in a rut looking for wainscoting, crown moldings, skirting’, the intricate and ornate features that the Victorian architecture is known for. Chances are that the details you initially bought the house for would haunt you in your dreams (if you are too involved with the house looking just like it’s original shape).

These are in no manner a discouragement but factors that you must take into account before making a decision. In the end, it’s your home – do whatever works for you and whatever makes you feel at home. It can be a fun activity for you and your partner if they are into it as well.